Feb 12

Second hand IKEA faktum cabinet into wine rack


We installed our new Ikea Kitchen, but it was a little gap between the last cabinet and the wall. That was bothering me a lot. Ikea’s solution was to place a cover, but my solution was to convert a old faktum cabinet into a wine rack that could fit precisely into that wap.


08-Feb-2012 02:01, Panasonic DMC-TS10, 3.5, 6.3mm, 0.125 sec, ISO 400
06-Feb-2012 18:30, Panasonic DMC-TS10, 3.5, 6.3mm, 0.125 sec, ISO 1000
08-Feb-2012 01:57, Panasonic DMC-TS10, 3.5, 6.3mm, 0.125 sec, ISO 800
11-Feb-2012 09:01, Canon Canon EOS 7D, 3.2, 44.0mm, 0.01 sec, ISO 4000
11-Feb-2012 19:10, Canon Canon EOS 7D, 2.8, 17.0mm, 0.04 sec, ISO 500



First you have to cut the top and bottom part of your cabinet to fit the wap you have.

Then, you cut your shelves with the same size as the bottom and top part.

Open the necessary wholes so the original faktum mounting screws can fit.

Cut a rectangle (20 x <width of your gap>) of oak. I my case the gap was 12,5 cm So I cut the rectangle 20 X 12,5.

Mark the rectangle at 5, 10 and 15cm and draw a line.

Mark the middle line perpendicular to the 5, 10 and 15cm line and where the line crosses make a 3cm circular whole using a drill.

Then cut the oak at the 5, 10 and 15cm line. This peaces will hold the wine bottle’s necks. (Check the diagram attached if the explanation is confusing)

Use some tree glue to attach the wine bottle holder to the new cabinets shelves and then you have e customized wine rack.