Pulo pra cima

Vi Saci de uma perna
Dando um pulo para cima
Me bateu no berimbau
Estragando a minha rima..
Camará, Ie maior e Deus….

References encountered

  • Sasi (Brazilian folklore), for more info click here.

My first encounter with the song:

The singer
According to “Capoeira Praça da República SP” the singer is: Nenê Bidanga.

While having a short discussion with my Master, Mestre Maclau, he makes good emphases in that this song could be also “Canto de entrada” some how described here but also refer in a more academic source in the book: “The hidden history of capoeira”  by Maya Talmon. He also point to how this song passes to recent actions on the roda as one of the player hits the Berimbao when performing a “Mortal” (or Folha Seca, salto chutado… you name it).

Speacial thanks to:

Capoeira Praça da República SP for presenting this song to us and providing the singers name. My master, Mestre Maclau pointing me to the right lyric, the context and use of both the song and type of song and Hanne Mårs for the help understanding the text and context of the lyrics.

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